Dry Cleaning

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Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning  | Tess Alterations Tuxedo Rental & Drycleaning - Goodyear, AZ

If you are a business professional, you may have a regular need for quick and affordable dry cleaning. Tess Alterations Tuxedo Rental & Dry Cleaning is the top location in the Goodyear area for all dry cleaning needs. We offer comprehensive dry cleaning, providing premium customer service and outstanding dry cleaning for all of your garments.

Some of the dry cleaning services that we offer include:

Shirts – A businessman’s staple, we provide regular and reliable dry cleaning for all types of shirts.

Pants – Let your slacks speak for themselves with a clean and freshly pressed appearance.

Suit jackets/Sport coats – These types of jackets demand dry cleaning and should be brought in for dry cleaning on a regular basis.

Gowns – While you may only pull a gown from the back of your closet once in a blue moon, when you do wear it you want to look your best.

Furs – All furs require specialty cleaning, and Tess is prepared to handle all of your most cherished items.

Other specialty items – Think you have something that can’t be washed because of a fabric or design? Dry cleaning is the next obvious choice when your washer just won’t do.

We offer quick dry cleaning, and even same-day service on some occasions. With affordable prices, Tess Alterations Tuxedo Rental & Dry Cleaning is the location for all of your dry cleaning needs. To learn more about our services, call our store or stop by in person!

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