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Tuxedo Rental

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Any man can love the way they look in a tuxedo, but will grimace when they look at the price tag. Many special occasions demand wearing a tuxedo, but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to look good. Luckily, at Tess Alterations Tuxedo Rental & Dry Cleaning, we offer men a tuxedo rental that they can afford.

All of our tuxedos are the most current styles and are maintained to look their very best. You may be thinking, “Do I really need a tuxedo for this event?”

Here are some of the events where it is acceptable and may be expected that a man will wear a tuxedo:

Weddings – Most weddings require groomsmen and ushers to wear tuxedos as a sign of respect and dignity for the bride and groom, as well as the ceremony of the occasion. Depending on the formality of the event, you may elect to wear a tuxedo even as a guest, if the dress code dictates.

Proms – Tradition demands that young gentleman attending a school prom dress in a tuxedo. A tuxedo rental is an excellent choice for this once in a lifetime event.

Charity event – Most charity events will expect attendees to dress to the nines. This is an excellent opportunity to wear a tuxedo.

Cruises – While a cruise may first evoke images of swimsuits and sand, most cruises have nightlife with a dress code. Wearing a tuxedo to these events is a great way to demonstrate your style and panache.

Award receptions – An award reception may occur rarely in many people’s lives, but a tuxedo is always the appropriate choice for this type of formal event.

Any “black tie” event – If you are invited to an event, the invitation may include a mandatory dress code. If black tie is listed, you will be in need of a tuxedo.

With the range of events that may demand a tuxedo, it is wise to have a reliable location to rent a tuxedo from on the occasion that it is required. Why buy a tuxedo when you can get a tuxedo rental for a fraction of the cost? Choose Tess Alterations Tuxedo Rental & Dry Cleaning for your next tuxedo rental and give us a call today.

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